Marketing Consultancy

The whole shebang

The main benefit of bringing us in as Consultants is our ability to tap in to experience and creativity to develop a strategy. It’s this plan that will save you money you’ll not be wasting on underperforming marketing, and has the capability to drive much higher returns, depending on the goals of the business. The breakdown of our Consultancy service is as follows:

AUDIT: We’ll conduct an initial audit to understand what marketing activities are currently running at your business (don’t worry it’s nothing too intrusive or time-consuming) and assess their effectiveness and value.

STRATEGY: We’re then able to draw up a custom-made plan designed to achieve or exceed the goals for your business. This might include retaining and refining existing campaigns, but more commonly introducing new methods and approaches to deliver a wholly more powerful marketing strategy.

EXECUTION: We work with you to help deliver the strategy. This can be in its entirety, fully outsourced to REES, or in part working in collaboration with an in-house team.

REPORTING: We’ll provide reporting on the strategy to understand effectiveness and value. This process provides ongoing learning and refinement to make further incremental improvements along the way.

Marketing consultancy
Content creation

Content Creation

Content is king, consistency is queen

You’ll likely be all too aware that consistency is probably the most important trait to bring to your social media strategy. Often the only thing that stands in the way of that consistency is a lack of content. If you already have an otherwise effective social media marketing plan and you just want a professional and creative source for more content then we can help.

We provide packages of content incorporating graphics, photographs, and videos for use across the major platforms of Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok and Youtube.

All packages include: full concept development, streamlined approval process, full design, and delivery.

Social Media Management

Too powerful to under resource

Social Media has been a powerful marketing medium for decades now, but that power shifts from time to time; always important but we envisage its significance will reach new heights over the next 2- 5 years.

It’s too powerful a tool to only utilise part time or not at all. It represents the very best way to reach your ideal customers and it should be treated as such by any ambitious brands wanting to grow.

We create the content as per the above Content Creation packages, but we also then add in full social media account management.

All packages include: hashtag research, copywriting, scheduling, outreach & engagement, comment and dm handling, analytics & reporting.

Social media management
Professional copywriting

Professional Copywriting

Because it's not 'only words'

Words are powerful. They have started wars, won romantic hearts, and enriched all our lives through prose and poetry. They are also crucial in promoting a product and service.

The right words will resonate and engage an audience quickly. And the quicker you have their attention the more likely they are to absorb your message.

We can write the words for your website, blog, online articles, social media content, newsletters, and marketing emails.